The Process

My process is very straight forward. I will always let you know if work you ask me to complete is within the scope of the contract or if it will be charged at the hourly rate. Your approval is required for all change orders and I will not proceed with work unless agreed to by you in writing. While this might seem tedious, it really protects you from cost overruns and surprises. I promise you that your website will cost you exactly what you were quoted in the contract we both sign unless I receive a change order from you for additional work.
 The Process 
  1. We talk on the phone, via Skype or face to face about what your requirements and preferences are for a website.  It is helpful if you have a few websites you like that you can show me and be able to describe what you like (and dislike) about them.
  2. We sign a contract that includes my responsibilities and detail a list of  content and input I need from you to proceed.  Once I receive the contract and the retainer, I begin the template search.
  3. I search for templates 5-10 that fit your requirements PLUS having a well designed back end that will make updating the website easy for you to do once the initial set up and custom coding is complete.  I also make sure that the website is well coded and that the developers have a support forum that they maintain regularly.  This is vital for me, especially when you require me to do custom coding to make the site look and run the way you want.
  4. Once you select a template, I will purchase it, and install WordPress and the template on your server.  If you need me to transfer your domain to a new server, I will handle that as well.
  5. I will set up your basic site, including your pages and logo.  We will work together to tweak the initial design within the scope of the contract (custom coding is charged at my hourly rate, $50/hr).  Upon your approval, I will begin filling in content.
  6. You approve the final site.
  7. Final payment is due by a date specified in the contract or upon website completion, whichever comes first.  I will have your site finished by the contracted date, provided that you have given me the content required to complete the site.
  8. I train you to update your site, either via phone, Skype or face to face.
  9. Ongoing maintenance continues, if you should choose to pay for that service.
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